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Sims Pottery Mural, Gillsville


No longer at this location, Sims Pottery has been in business in Gillsville since 1982. They began making handmade white pottery but are no longer involved in production. They now do wholesale distribution of products from around the world. As to the history of the building, Pam Perry writes: This building was once my grandfather’s general store. DC House and Son was purchased from the Meaders brothers in the early 1940’s as a store and warehouse. My uncle Bob House was the co-owner. I have memories of helping him there as a child. After grandfathers death mid-1960’s uncle Reo Frankum purchased and ran for several years. Note, Meaders brothers lived in Maysville, GA.

Gillsville Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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Gillsville, Georgia


Gillsville is located in Hall and Banks counties but the section I photographed is all in Hall. These historic storefronts are what remain of the commercial core of the town. The two-story building, that for a time houses Hall’s Pottery, may have originally been a general store or Masonic lodge.

Gillsville Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Potter Allen Gee, Junction City


Bulloch County native Allen Gee now lives and works in Meriwether County at the former home/studio of the late D. X. Gordy, one of several Gordy family members well-known for their pottery skills.  Gee’s traditional high-fired stoneware has earned him quite a following of his own and he works with a motorized washtub and electric wheel at festivals throughout the South to share the process with others. He says, “I mix the stoneware clay from a traditional recipe. After the clay is properly prepared, bowls, pitchers and mugs are turned on a pottery wheel. The glazes are made from local minerals including ground glass, hardwood ashes, and a gneiss-hornblende stone. These minerals are pulverized and milled to produce a fine powder that is mixed with clay ad water then applied to a bisque-fired pot.”


He also notes, “The stoneware is fired in a wood-burning kiln or gas kiln where it reaches temperatures hot enough to melt the homemade mix into a permanent glaze. Hot embers and flames enhance the clay and glazes causing glaze runs, pooling, and fire flashing marks on the clay.”


I have one of Allen Gee’s pieces and the quality is great. He creates a variety of one-of-a-kind pitchers, bowls, plates, pots and even face jugs.  If you’re interested in purchasing something, you can contact him at 23825 Roosevelt Highway, Greenville, Georgia 30222. (770) 927-0394. He can also be reached via email at geepottery@gmail.com


Photographed at Harvest Days in Old Talbot, Patsiliga Plantation, 2013

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