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Historic Storefront, Woodland

This was likely a grocery store. The style was among the most common in early-20th-century Georgia.



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Kennedy’s Store, Sparta

This old grocery store was once known as Lovejoy’s. It’s been closed for many years. Many photographers have stopped and shot the doorway and its whimsical  “Please Come Again” sign.


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Stephens Grocery, Milledgeville

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Mayfield’s Grocery, Box Ankle

Box Ankle was never much more than a crossroads community and the only remnant of that time, the old Mayfield’s Grocery store, is highly endangered. The grocery was a combination store and residence and has been listed for sale for several years. As to the origin of the name of the community, one source (possibly apocryphal) notes that years ago a cockfight was taking place nearby and two men at the event engaged in a fight themselves. One of the men apparently got pushed or fell over a wooden box and broke his ankle.

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Rooks Store, Madras

Mike Cavender writes: Once belonged to Hulett Rooks. He was a barber and cut my hair from 1947 to 1955. We moved to Newnan from Happy Valley. He and Leon Cavender were boyhood friends. Mr. Rooks sold feed, food, and gas.

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Fuller’s Grocery Building, Circa 1906, Athens

Now home to Daily Groceries Co-Op, this was originally known as Fuller’s Grocery. The proprietors lived upstairs in the early years of the business.

Cobbham Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Historic Storefronts, LaFayette

LaFayette has done a great job of maintaining their historic commercial architecture.

Rows of storefronts and free-standing commercial blocks all seem to be occupied, which is unusual for a town of this size these days. It’s very pedestrian-friendly.

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