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Uncle Remus Museum, 1963, Eatonton

Constructed from derelict slave cabins, the Uncle Remus Museum opened in Eatonton in 1963. Its location, Turner Park, was the boyhood homeplace of Joseph Sidney Turner, the inspiration for the “little boy” to whom “Uncle Remus” relayed all his critter stories in Uncle Remus: His Songs and His Sayings (1880) and later works. Turner’s father, Joseph Addison Turner, owned Turnwold Plantation where Harris apprenticed as a teenager during the Civil War. A reconstructed blacksmith shop is also located in the park.

Carvings of many of the animal characters populate the grounds, which are a delight to walk around. I’m not sure who did all of these wonderful wood sculptures, but they’re a wonderful addition to the property. And forgive me if I confuse Bre’r Fox and Bre’r Wolf!

Bre’r Fox

Bre’r Wolf

Bre’r Bear

Bre’r Tarrypin

And last, but certainly not least, Bre’r Rabbit.







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General Store, Roopville

The restoration of this false-front building incorporates folk art and commercial elements. It was likely a general store or warehouse.

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Whirligig, Roopville

Of all the colorful arts and crafts on display in Roopville, I think this whirligig was my favorite.


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Poole’s Bar-B-Q & Pig Hill of Fame, East Ellijay


A favorite with tourists and locals alike, Poole’s Bar-B-Q has become a world-famous attraction in the mountain town of East Ellijay. Oscar and Edna Poole opened the restaurant in 1989. It started in a roadside shack but now occupies this building, known as the “Taj-Ma-Hog”.


Pig cut-outs, arranged in the shape of a pig, adorn the hill behind the restaurant known as the “Pig Hill of Fame”.


Pig-related names abound.


The Pig Hill of Fame started with just 300 cut-outs but now features over 3000.


Poole’s Bar-B-Q probably doesn’t need to advertise, but these crazy cars do a good job.


The pig kitsch is a lot of fun. Like the old saying of eating everything but the squeal, Poole’s uses decorative pigs in every possible way.


One of my favorite things, though, was Porky, a child’s ride of the kind you’d find outside dime stores a couple of generations ago.


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Bellton Post Office, Lula


Before it was absorbed by Lula in the 1950s, this community was known as Bellton. This was the post office.


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Salvation Mural, Canon

Canon GA Downtown Mural of Jesus Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing North Georgia USA 2015

He Died for You. Will You Live for Him

This may have been painted by the same artist who did the other mural of Jesus in Canon.


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Jesus Mural, Canon

Canon GA Jesus Mural Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing North Georgia USA 2015

This mural is always a wonderful welcome to the little town of Canon. The weather was bad on this trip, so I was unable to photograph the historic churches just past here. I’ll be back, though.


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