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E. W. Johnson’s Store, Lineville

I had a nice conversation and a tour of this old grocery/general store with the gentleman who farms the adjacent property.

He noted that it was formally known as E. W. Johnson’s Store, but that he never knew Mr. Johnson. He says his wife, Lucy, ran the store and was well-known in the community.


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Main Street, Gibson

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Paul’s Bar-B-Q, Lexington


According to almost anyone you ask in Lexington, or any of the myriad barbecue “experts” out there, Paul’s was one of the best barbecue restaurants in Georgia over its long history. [I’ve eaten at many of the “best barbecue in Georgia” joints and very few have impressed me. My favorite remains Armstrong’s in Summerville and it’s not even on many of those lists. They seem to have issues with their hours, though]. Online reviews raved about the perfect vinegar-based sauce, the thick Brunswick stew and sweet tea better than your granny’s. Paul’s was only open from 9:30-2:00 on Saturdays and on Independence Day. They finally shut their doors on 4 July 2016, a day which made many people sad.

Luckily, the good folks at the Southern Foodways Alliance interviewed the owners in 2008 and recorded an oral history of the business. It began in 1929 when Clifford Collins started cooking and barbecuing whole hogs in Lexington. He and Fudge Collins sold their product under the shade of a Mulberry tree on Main Street for the next forty years. With the advent of health regulations, the business moved inside this building and they began smoking hams instead of whole hogs. Clifford retired when he was in his 90s and passed the business on to his nephew, George Paul, Jr.  George was a farmer with no restaurant experience but he quickly learned the ropes. He and his son Jimmy operated the business from about 1979 until 2016, with George smoking the shoulders on a pit at his farm and Jimmy making the Brunswick stew.

Southern Foodways Alliance also recorded this short video, which you might enjoy.




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Service Station, Morganton


I don’t find too many gas stations like this any more. This is so authentic it could be a movie set.


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Historic Storefronts, Blue Ridge


Downtown Blue Ridge is a happening place. Nearly all the downtown storefronts are busy and many are being or have been refurbished. There’s obviously a good community spirit here. I hope locals will work toward getting their business district listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It definitely deserves such a designation.

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Blue Ridge Pharmacy


This old Rexall Drugs was one of the busiest places in town the day I was there. It’s always great to see an independent retailer doing so well.

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Gartrell Building, Blue Ridge


This is one of numerous older buildings in downtown Blue Ridge that have been repurposed for modern businesses. They do a great job with these structures.

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