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Mercer University School of Law, 1956, Macon

Located atop Coleman Hill and overlooking downtown Macon, the Mercer University School of Law is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. Built in 1956 and originally named in honor of Senator Walter F. George, it was modeled after Independence Hall. The school was founded in 1873 and is one of the oldest law schools in the United States, as well as the first in Georgia accredited by the American Bar Association.


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Mercer Institute Science Building, 1853, Penfield

Photo Courtesy of Lamar Sanders

I’m excited to be able to share this historic photograph of the Science Building of the Mercer Institute, predecessor of Mercer University in Macon. It was graciously shared by Lamar Sanders, who took it in 1970. Almost certainly the work of builder/architect David Demarest, the Greek Revival structure served as the Penfield Village School after Mercer moved to Macon, but was badly damaged by a fire in 1977 and eventually demolished.


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The President’s House, Circa 1856, Athens

This landmark of the Greek Revival was built by John Thomas Grant, who later sold it to Benjamin Harvey Hill. In 1883 it was sold to James White, whose daughter W. F. Bradshaw inherited it upon his death. It was acquired by the Bradley Foundation in Columbus from the Bradshaw estate in the 1940s and in 1949, it was given to the University of Georgia to be used as the president’s house.

National Register of Historic Places

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The Arch, Circa 1857, Athens

Thought to have been cast by the Athens Foundry and replicating the Great Seal of Georgia, the Arch is supported by three columns (pillars) which represent the state’s motto, “Wisdom, Justice, Moderation”. Serving a functional rather than monumental or commemorative purpose, it originally included two doors which connected the columns. The University website notes that until the early 20th century, it was known as “the gate”. The gate and adjacent iron fence, also installed circa 1857, was the boundary of the historic Old North Campus of the University of Georgia. Today, besides serving as the logo of the University, the Arch is a beloved icon of both Athens and Georgia.

Old North Campus- University of Georgia, National Register of Historic Places




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Lucy Cobb Institute, 1858, Athens


Laura Cobb Rutherford was perhaps the first advocate for the education of women in Athens and through her efforts and the financial backing of her brother, T. R. R. Cobb, the Lucy Cobb Institute (named for Cobb’s daughter who had died at the age of 13 from scarlet fever) was constructed in 1858 and held its first classes in 1859. W. W. Thomas was the architect.

National Register of Historic Places

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Price Memorial Hall, 1879, Dahlonega


Perhaps the most iconic symbol of Dahlonega, the gold steeple of Price Memorial Hall represents the University of North Georgia (UNG) and the history of gold mining in the area. It can be seen from many vistas around the city. The leafing was added in 1973, from gold mined in the surrounding area.


The property was deeded to the state in 1871. North Georgia College was established in 1873 and when the old U. S. Mint branch burned in 1878, it was replaced by the present structure, which came to be the administration building for the college. In 1934 it was named the Price Memorial Building for William Pierce Price, founder and first president of the board of trustees of North Georgia College.

National Register of Historic Places

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Hansford Hall, 1913, Dahlonega


I believe this has only recently been renamed Hansford Hall. It was built in 1913; J. F. Moorefield was the architect.


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North Georgia College Library, 1939, Dahlonega


Typical of New Deal architecture, the old North Georgia College (now the University of North Georgia) library was built by the Federal Works Agency and is now used for classrooms, I believe.


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Straus-LeVert Memorial Hall, 1856, Talbotton


This beloved landmark was built as the LeVert College for Young Women by Lazrus Straus, a Belgian merchant whose business was the forerunner of the Macy’s chain. This was a Methodist school and merged with Collingsworth Institute in 1879. It closed in 1907 and was used as a public school until 1926. Many years after moving away from Talbotton and founding Macy’s, the Straus family made gifts to ensure the preservation of this important structure. Madame Octavia Walton LeVert, for whom the LeVert Female College was named, was the granddaughter of George Walton, a Georgia Signer of the Declaration of Independence.

LeVert Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Sharp Hall, 1912, Young Harris

Sharp Hall Young Harris College Photograph Copyright Brian brown Vanishing North Georgia USA 2015

Young Harris College Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Sharp Hall houses the office of the college president, the Myers Student Center and the campus bookstore. The lower floor was the dining hall when I was a student here.

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