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Grand Opera House, 1884 & 1904, Macon

When architect W. R. Gunn designed the Academy of Music (as the Grand Opera House was originally known), its 58×90 stage was the largest in the Southeast. With seating for over 2100, it was a wonder of the time. In 1904, its original front was removed and replaced with the more commercial appearance it has today. It was reopened in 1904 as the Grand Opera House. Charlie Chaplin, Houdini, Will Rogers, George Burns & Gracie Allen and many other luminaries of the early 20th century performed here. The Grand was remodeled for use as a movie house in 1936 but was out of business by 1965. It was nearly demolished in 1967 for use as a parking lot but was saved by a group of concerned local citizens and once again, the Grand Opera House has retaken its place as Macon’s nicest entertainment space.

National Register of Historic Places

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