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35 responses to “Contact

  1. Robyn Vassy

    I love your photos . I was raised in the Atlanta, but mother was raised from Emunal, an Washington county. My question to you is ” when are you going to come to Oglethrope County? We have a beautiful court house, 2 Covered Bridges and lots of cool old houses. My parents even live in a “White Cracker” house. Thier is also the “John Smith House” . Looking forward to you visiting “The Southern OC”.
    Thanks Robyn Vassy. 706-614-1082

  2. Andrew Coard

    Brian, great pics. I love rural GA. Look like you drove all around Jewell but missed it. Maybe next time.

  3. Jennifer

    Please photograph Jewell!

  4. Ronnie Boggs

    I love the pictures and the stories behind the buildings in Oglethorpe County. I am surprised that you overlooked the Historic Lexington Presbyterian Church and Manse on Church Street in Lexington. The church building built in 1893 was the 3rd for the congregation which was founded by John Newton in 1785. The Manse built in 1812, was the original location of the Columbian Theological Seminary, now located in Decatur. Thank you for covering our county, with 3 governors and 6 counties named for citizens from here it is easy to see that Lexington and Oglethorpe County helped shape Georgia history in it’s earlier days.

    • Ronnie-I greatly regret that I missed the Presbyterian Church as I’d fully intended to photograph it, but my trips are often very packed with long lists of places to go. I do plan on returning and will make sure not to miss it. In fact, I’d be grateful for any leads, especially in the countryside of Oglethorpe County. It’s a wonderful place!

  5. Eloise Perry Thomas

    Love your work, however you missed an important part of Jasper County!! Shady Dale and more specifically Machen have got several beautiful old antebellum cotton plantation homes!! Two in particular are on Hwy 83 and the owners are the descendants of the original families who built them in the 1830’s. I am lucky enough to be one of them! They survived Sherman and his troops who came and camped all over their plantation on their way to Milledgeville and then to Savannah. We would love for you to include our old churches and homes in your collections! Eloise Perry Thomas

  6. I enjoy your site and Facebook page. I grew up in rural southern America and think that in a few years all of our rural culture will be lost. I suggest you enlarge your photo taking to include pics of barns, farm equipment, silos, bridges, and other items that we used to see in our lives when we all lived “on the farm.”
    The fact that you are also including a bit of history is crucial to the interest level of the reader. You’ve mostly covered south & east Georgia. What is your routine, your selection of where to go and what to photograph?
    I have hundreds of photos of old “southern” rural items. I find the fact that most of us now live in cities to be disheartening.

  7. Sam

    Your photos are great. You should come to Lamar County. There are many beautiful old homes in Barnesville. There is also a lot of history in the unincorporated areas of Lamar County such as the Redbone Community and the Johnstonville/Goggans Community. I hope you can visit Lamar County very soon. Thanks.

  8. Harry Beadle

    Brian: I’d like to suggest an old church you might want to photograph — Island Creek Baptist on Island Creek Church Road near Devereux. It was founded in 1794, although the current church was built around 1850. I discovered a few years ago that my G-G-G-G maternal grandfather and his family were members there in the early to mid-1800s. According to some church members I’ve spoken to, the current site is about a quarter-mile from the original church site, although there’s no one living who remembers the exact location of the original. A few years ago, there were plans to try to locate it but I don’t know if they were successful. While the building is very plain on the outside, the inside, while not fancy, is very well cared for.

  9. Jason Michael Evers

    Brian, Can I suggest a house for your site? My house is in The Rock in Upson County. It was built in 1859 by Capt. Andrew Jackson White, who owned a 2000 acre plantation. I am in the process of restoring it now. Unfortunately I have yet to find an old photo of the house. You can either come photograph it or I can send you photographs that I have taken.


  10. You should have included The Rock, Ga in the Vanishing North Ga. It was small but it had a lot going on in the little town. It is also part of Upson County Georgia. It use to be a very thriving little town.


    Hello, On this link
    it mentions a Lifsey Springs Store….Do you know where it would have been?
    Thank you,
    Jerry Lifsey

  12. Teresa Miller

    Just wondering WHY?? you don’t have anything for BUTTS CO…..Jackson,Ga…..I know there is a old school house on Hwy36 that was built in the early 1900’s and old train depot in town as well as other things

  13. Tim White

    Is there a Middle Georgia. Fayette, Clayton Henry, Butts, Cowetta and more. If there is where do I go?

  14. Patricia Burgess

    Love ALL of the pics. My late husband was a Baptist minister and we traveled all of Georgia so many are familiar. May I suggest a trip to Camak, GA where the Baptist church certainly warrants a pic. We lived there 50+ years ago, Also there are some amazing sites in Towns County on the back roads especially. Keep up the pics. I love them!

  15. Diane Dawson

    Love your work-thank you for taking the time to document these passing times . I have an ancestor from Wrightsborough Settlement–appreciate those. I suggest Floyd county, Cave Spring area..lived there and did National Register application–many good candidates still there–I hope!
    diane dawson

  16. Diane Dawson

    Brian–I would like to use two of your photographs of the Rock House in Wrightsborough for use in a book I am writing on the history of my ancestors. Please advise me if I may use them –I of, course, will reference your work.
    Diane dawson

  17. Jerri Garland Holloway

    Can you tell me anything about where Garland, Ga got its name? My maiden name is Garland, and my granddad used to tell me about a group of family members coming to a place in ga in a bunch of wagons, out of Tenn and N.C. He mentioned Toccoa, and a couple of other places I can’t remember. Years later many of the family moved to Cherokee County to a place still named Garland Mountain. Thank you for your time and please keep up the good work. I love the photos and history.

    • Jerri, I really don’t know much about its history but it’s still on the map. I didn’t locate any Garlands in the historic cemetery here, so it may have been named that later, in the late 19th century perhaps. I’ll keep searching.

  18. Brenda Fohlmeister

    Enjoyed your pictures of Culloden, GA. William Culloden had a store there in the 1820’s. Is it still standing?

  19. jeannie weller cooper RE: Yatesville Depot Upson Co Vanishing N Georgia Love the blog…

  20. Sherry threlkeld

    I’d like to get in touch with Jim Carter from Philomath, GA.
    I spoke with him a few years back in Paoli, GA and don’t have his contact information.

  21. June Storer

    Brian. Enjoyed seeing photographs of Georgia, particularly Culloden GA., as that is where my interest lies primarily. My
    maternal family name is Culloden, and many years ago I acquired a copy of William Culloden’s will, in which he left provision for his house slave (I quote) and her daughter. It
    would seem that they were close, perhaps the daughter was William’s. Recently I have been in contact with a family of colour from Georgia, we were connected when I had my DNA tested, it could be possible that their ancestors were those of the lady to whom William bequests provision. I mention all this in the hope that perhaps you yourself, or indeed any person who could throw some light on my search, could help further.
    To also mention I and my late husband visited the battlefield of Culloden, Drummossie Moor, some years ago, it was hauntingly beautiful, the area was covered in a low mist reaching almost to the heather covering the cairns, and silent as the night.
    Thank you so much for the photographs. Best wishes, June

  22. I sent an e-mail and it was returned. Can you reach out? I have a question about a building you posted a picture of. Thanks.

  23. William Farmer

    I have a couple of pics of an old store in Crawford county, I know it isn’t north Gate. But is vanishing Ga. It is in Musella, Ga. If you like I can send you the pictures to your e-mail address…

  24. Eloise Perry Thomas

    Still need to come to Shady Dale and Machen and get the Perry house, the Lleverette House and Providence Baptist church!

  25. Esther Stone

    Years ago I bought the book ‘Vanishing Georgia’ for my sister. Do you still have books in print.

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