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Thomas Long House, Circa 1854, Paoli

This was the home of Thomas Wilson Long (15 September 1784-21 July 1861), who came to Georgia from Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He was the uncle of medical pioneer Crawford W. Long and is buried nearby in the New Hope Presbyterian Church Cemetery. I will update information on subsequent owners as I learn more. The 1854 date is probably incorrect; some have suggested 1830s is more likely.

The house is surrounded by pristine farmland on one of the most beautiful backroads in the area.


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Madison County Fair Ground, Comer


The Comer Lions Club has been organizing an old-fashioned county fair for 68 years. The Ferris wheel caught my eye when I was driving past; though no longer operational, it remains a symbol of the fair and a landmark in its own right. Originally a water wheel at another location in North Georgia, it was acquired in 1949 by Pinky Martin, owner of Comer Motor Company. With the help of mechanic Jeff Turner, it was converted by hand into a working Ferris wheel and was used until the early 1970s.


Nearly every county in Georgia once had a place like this but they’re quite rare today.


The property and structures are well-maintained.


Traditional exhibits like crafts and livestock remain highlights of the fair.


Popular musical acts also play here each year.


If you’re in the area in September, check them out. Lions Clubs are a great non-political organization who not only do charitable work but also give back to their communities in tangible ways. Madison is a traditionally rural county and the fair is still the biggest event of the year.


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Ila, Georgia


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Mount Hermon Presbyterian Church, 1912, Ila


Reverend J. S. Smith was the pastor at the time this church was built. C. D. Griffin was the architect and builder.

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Hay Barn, Madison County


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Vernacular Farmhouse, Madison County


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Tenant Farmhouse, Madison County


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Roadside Grocery, Madison County


Last known as 98 Grocery, this is now a car wash as best I can tell.

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Madison County Courthouse, 1901, Danielsville

Madison County Courthouse Danielsville GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing North Georgia USA 2015

National Register of Historic Places

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Crawford W. Long Statue, Danielsville

Crawford W Long Statue Danielsville GA Madison County Courthouse Grounds Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing North Georgia USA 2015

Dr. Crawford Williamson Long was born in Danielsville on 1 November 1815. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1839. While in college, Long participated in what were known as “ether frolics”, obtaining a slightly altered state by the use of nitrous oxide. This led him to believe there was a possibility that a similar application could be used to alleviate pain during surgery. Upon returning to Georgia, he began a practice in Jefferson. Since he couldn’t procure nitrous oxide in rural Georgia he began experimenting with sulfuric ether. On 30 March 1842 he used sulfuric ether to render patient James M. Venable unconscious for the removal of a tumor. When Venable regained consciousness, he felt no pain. This was the first use of sulfuric ether as an anesthetic and Long went on to become nationally recognized for his pioneering work. He later moved to Athens, where he continued a thriving practice. He died there on 16 June 1878. Long County, in southeast Georgia, was named in his honor in 1920.

In 1926, a statue of Long by Scottish-American sculptor J. Massey Rhind was placed in the National Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol. This is likely contemporary to that date and appears to be a copy. The base of the large statue contains general biographical information and this quote: “My profession is to me a ministry from God.”


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