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Ocmulgee National Monument, Macon

Entrance to Earth Lodge

Archaeologists have determined that human habitation at this Mississippian site, formerly known as the Ocmulgee Old Fields and now the Ocmulgee National Monument, dates back at least 17,000 years.

Interior of Earth Lodge, with Eagle Platform

The Earth Lodge was uncovered by Dr. A. R. Kelley in 1934. It was reconstructed between 1933 and 1938. It served as a Mississippian Council House. The original clay floor, with the raised eagle platform, was exposed by employees of the Civil Works Administration and Work Projects Administration under the direction of James A. Ford. The Mississippians had burned the lodge, perhaps as an act of ritual cleansing or something entirely different. The charred remains of the construction, dated to 1015 AD, were arrayed in a spoke pattern and protected the original floor. The roof was not originally covered with sod, but it has been employed today to preserved the site.

Rear View of Earth Lodge

One should keep in mind that during the Mississippian Period, these mounds were not covered in grass but rather in the natural clay of the landscape.

Great Temple Mound

This is Early Mississippian flat-topped temple mound, 300 feet wide by 270 feet long by 40 feet high, is one of several in widely scattered locations across Georgia. It dates to circa 900-1100 AD. It was the principal religious structure at the Ocmulgee site till at least 1200 AD.  A lesser mound (not pictured) stands adjacent to this one.

Cornfield Mound

Excavations on this site uncovered parallel rows of charred corn cobs dating to circa 900AD-1200AD, indicating an early agricultural use. At some point, the field was transformed into a mound. The mound is 90 feet wide by 160 feet long by 6 feet high.

Prehistoric Trenches

These trenches can be found in several locations around Ocmulgee National Monument. These, near the Cornfield Mound, are 18 feet wide by 7 feet deep. It is unclear as to whether they were defensive in nature or if they were borrow pits for the mounds.

Ocmulgee National Monument Visitors Center

Constructed between 1938-1951, the Streamline Moderne visitors center is a landmark in its own right. It houses a wonderful collection of artifacts collected on the site.






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W. E. Johnson Sweet Potato Barn, Carroll County

If you’ve traveled US Highway 27 anywhere near Carrollton, you’ve likely noticed this barn, one of the most-photographed barns in Georgia. It advertises W. E. Johnson’s sweet potato curing and storage business. The Coca-Cola advertising has been tastefully restored.

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J. K. Roop House, Circa 1860, Roopville

Now a fully restored public event space, the John King (J. K.) Roop House is a great example of community involvement in restoration. The following history and much more information can be found at their website.

The first Roop to live in the southwestern area of Carroll County was Martin Roop, the father of John King (J.K.) Roop whom we consider to be the founding father of Roopville.  Martin grew up, met and married Mary Elizabeth King (1839), while they were still living in Union County, SC.  In the 1850’s they moved to the area where Roopville now stands.  Martin and Elizabeth had 11 children. 

J.K. was the oldest son of Martin and Elizabeth Roop.  In 1861 he enlisted in the Confederate Army serving in both Company D of the First Regiment of Georgia Infantry and in Phillips Legion Calvary.  He married Eliza Moore in 1872.  To this union were born 5 children.  J.K. became the owner of over 2000 acres of land, much of which he donated to enhance the growth of the area.  He built several stores, a mill, a blacksmith shop and homes which he would sell to new people coming into the area.  J.K. was a charter member of Roopville Baptist Church, Worshipful Master of Goshen Lodge 71, in 1880 and he served on the Carroll County Board of Education. 

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Sheriff’s Precinct, Roopville

I’m not sure what the original function of this little building was, but it serves as a precinct for the Carroll County Sheriff today. It likely dates to the 1940s and is similar to many small grocery stores I’ve photographed.

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Roopville Jail, 1885

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General Store, Roopville

The restoration of this false-front building incorporates folk art and commercial elements. It was likely a general store or warehouse.

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Whirligig, Roopville

Of all the colorful arts and crafts on display in Roopville, I think this whirligig was my favorite.


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