Moore Brothers General Merchandise, 1894, Raytown

Moore Brothers General Merchandise store was the heart of the Raytown community for many years. Raytown is essentially a “suburb” of Sharon.

The Greek Revival elements of the store indicate it may be of earlier construction than the given date.


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3 responses to “Moore Brothers General Merchandise, 1894, Raytown

  1. ben

    Thanks for the post Brian. Do you have any info on when this was built? The Greek Revival elements makes me wonder if this building might be older than the ”typical” rural retail establishments we are used to seeing in GA.

  2. Ben, The date I’ve located in records searches is 1894, but I agree about the Greek Revival elements indicating an earlier construction.

    • Tracy

      I have bank notes and the ledger from this store when it was open I wound up with these documents when I ran my antique shop. It’s insane the price differences between them and now.

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