Demorest Women’s Club, 1902 & 1954

Built as the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1902, this structure was significantly altered upon its acquisition by the Demorest Women’s Club in 1954. [The National Register designation is for the Women’s Club, not the church]. Besides the removal of the steeple and chimneys, the interior and foundation were also modified to fit the needs of the club. The Demorest Women’s Club was founded in 1934 and for many years held meetings in member’s homes. Evie Gillespie initiated the effort to acquire the church building after the Men’s Civic Club turned it down, citing it was too dilapidated.

An interesting footnote: Mayling Soone Chiang, who became Madame Chiang Kai-shek, was hosted by a member of the Methodist Church while she was in eighth grade in 1909-1910. Madame Chiang Kai-shek attended services and Sunday School here.

National Register of Historic Places



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2 responses to “Demorest Women’s Club, 1902 & 1954

  1. George Washington Barrett, my maternal great-grandfather (d. 1956) was pastor there in 1908-1910.

  2. As I recall the history, this was the Demorest Methodist Episcopal Church, South, until the three-way Methodist reunion of 1939. The Demorest Methodist Episcopal Church (structure no longer standing) was a few blocks away, on the same side of Piedmont College. The merged Demorest Methodist Church united with the Congregational Church. The bell outside the Methodist-Congregational church was the bell of the Demorest MEC/MC.

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