Rice Town, Georgia

You won’t find Rice Town on any map, but it’s a settlement of many Rice family members and descendants on GA 79, east of Elberton. The Rice Garage looks like it may have also once had gas pumps and a country store.


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5 responses to “Rice Town, Georgia

  1. Nancy Rice Parker

    Loved seeing the picture of the garage that my Daddy owned and operated and yes, there was a country store and gas pumps. Thank you.

  2. ameliaseymour

    I too enjoyed seeing Uncle Richard garage we had some good times down at Rice Town. My granddaddy own a home down there and we would spend the night with them!

  3. Susan Fernandez-Cox

    I live in Rice Town right across from Mr. Rice’s garage. My mother grew up just down Welcome Church Rd. I have very deep roots here and love living out here in “po’ dunk”, which is what our friends from the city call it.

  4. Faye McCall

    I loved growing up in Rice Town, my daddy worked on a lot of cars in that garage and was loved by so many people!

  5. Gloria

    I can’t count the number of times I went there with my husband. Brings back a lot of memories.

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