Munroe-Dunalp-Snow House, Circa 1857, Macon

Nathaniel Campbell Munroe built this around 1857 as a simple five-room central hallway cottage with a plain front. The Victorian details were added at a later date; that may have been done in 1878, as a local historical marker associates that date with the house. Munroe was a prominent figure in early Macon, serving as secretary of the Board of Health and the Macon Lyceum & Library Society. director of the Macon & Western Railway Company and of the Macon Manufacturing Company. He was also a warden of Christ Church and a trustee of the Georgia Academy for the Blind. He sold the property in 1862. One of the owners was Captain Samuel S. Dunlap, who organized the Bibb County Cavalry and was wounded at Gettysburg. He opened the first hardware store in Macon in 1866. In 1903, Peter J. Bracken, engineer of the “Texas” in the Great Locomotive Chase, died here while visiting relatives. The William A. Snow family were later owners who made great improvements to the property and grounds.

National Register of Historic Places


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2 responses to “Munroe-Dunalp-Snow House, Circa 1857, Macon

  1. Bell-Parker

    This is a beautiful house. I’m wondering if the house predates 1857–the nine-over-nine windows suggest an earlier date. Looking at just this one photograph, the porch could date from 1857, especially in a place like Macon that was quite stylish and with money to spend in the 1850s. Still the basic form of the Greek Revival but a rejection of the more archaeological rigidity of the 1840s. In other words this was more “fun.” 🙂

    • Interesting points on these Macon houses. I’ve only used dates as provided by the local historical society; I’m not sure if the dates originate in tax records or if they’re just vague estimates. That’s always the rub with dating old houses, of course. Circa can be quite general 🙂

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