Cannonball House, 1853, Macon

Also known as the Judge Asa Holt House, for its first owner, the Cannonball House is one of Macon’s most popular historic sites. It’s believed to have been designed and built by Elam Alexander, prominent builder/architect of antebellum Macon, though there isn’t consensus on this claim. Of numerous outbuildings once present on the property, a brick kitchen and servants’ quarters remain.

The house received its name after being struck by a cannonball during the Battle of Dunlap Hill on 30 July 1864. Lore suggests that forces under the command of Union General George Stoneman were attempting to strike the nearby Hay House but miscalculated. The ball struck the sand sidewalk in front of the house, passed through the second column from the left of the gallery and entered the parlor over a window, landing unexploded in the hallway. Mrs. Holt displayed the cannonball on her dining room table until giving it to the Macon Volunteers in defense of the city. Judge Holt’s descendants lived in the house until 1963.

It’s operated today as a house museum by the Friends of the Cannonball House.

National Register of Historic Places

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