Coopers Creek, Suches


Coopers Creek (variously known as Cooper’s Creek and Cooper Creek) is one of the most picturesque mountain streams in North Georgia.


It’s a favorite among fishermen and is one of the busiest places in the mountains on the opening day of trout season. The first time I ever went trout fishing was on Coopers Creek and the banks were full of tents crowded with eager anglers.


The creek follows Georgia Highway 60, one of the most beautiful drives in Georgia.




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3 responses to “Coopers Creek, Suches

  1. Thank you for these pictures. You are right about it being crowded on opening day of trout season.

  2. Paula Pearson

    Brian, Love all your pictures. You are doing so much to preserve the history of Georgia. Keep up the good work! God Bless you.

  3. Bones

    I started going to cooper creek in 1967 at the age of 5 with my dad. I still find myself going up a few times every year with my dad at 89 years young.
    While at coopers you have to take the short drive to the deep hole and to the trout hatchery at rock creek all great places thank you for the article.

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