The Rock, Georgia


In the 1850s the Central of Georgia Railroad would pick up and leave mail at a large rock beside its tracks midway between Thomaston and Barnesville. Since the area had no other formal name, people began addressing mail to “the Rock”. The name stuck.


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4 responses to “The Rock, Georgia

  1. Jason Evers

    If you had turned the camera just a bit left you would have seen my house, which I mentioned in my comment to you in April of last year, was built in 1859 by Capt. Andrew Jackson White, who had a 2000 acre plantation, he was also the president of the Macon & Western RR and the Thomaston & Barnesville RR.

  2. Jason Evers

    I just read the caption, the mail was left in the cleft in the rock by the stagecoach line that ran through here in the 1830’s, not the railroad. The railroad was not created until 1858, it was originally called The Thomaston & Barnesville RR, after it went bankrupt it was bought by the owner of my house, along with several other Upson county residents and renamed The Upson County RR. It wasn’t until the 1870’s that the Central of georgia RR controlled this line.

    The original resident of the area was Dr John Anderson. When anyone in the Anderson household wanted to know if there was any mail, they would ask if anyone had been out to The Rock to check the mail. This is how the town got it’s name.

  3. Charline Venturini

    Wow- I never heard this story!

  4. Sybil Cauley

    Are there any pictures of the Waymanville (Waynmanville) Mill in Upson County, Ga

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