Visionary Artist Johnny Culver, Sparta


When I was in Sparta to photograph the rededication of the Hancock County Courthouse, I met this gentleman. John “Johnny” Culver is a visionary artist who came back to his hometown of Sparta in 2000 after living in the Atlanta for a time. While there, he suffered a nervous breakdown at the age of 20, after a failed relationship. He told me that creating the art gave him the ability to come back from that and he was very clear that God gets all the credit.


He works in paint and ink and on every imaginable surface. I also feel lucky, since he told me he does not usually allow photographs. I found a few images of him online from an article by Tom Patterson and a piece by Fred Scruton and one or two from his London-based gallerist, but that was it. I’m so glad we made a connection and that he placed the trust in me to share.


All Art Objects Pictured are © John Culver, Sparta, Georgia


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5 responses to “Visionary Artist Johnny Culver, Sparta

  1. ben dooley

    Love the birdhouses. Does he have a local studio or gallery in or near Sparta where he displays and sells his work? I guess a website is too much to ask. Glad you were at the rededication of the restored Hancock County Courthouse and hope you are going to put up some photos!

  2. Sandi LaFoy

    I too LOVE that birdhouse ❗❕❗

  3. Cheryl Johnson

    I would like to purchase from him! How can I go about that? Thanks!

  4. Nfutral

    Love this. Sparta could be a cool place for art.

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