Turner’s Corner Cafe, 1928, Lumpkin County

Turners Corner Cafe Lumpkin County GA Mountains Landmark Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing North Georgia USA 2015

Heading south on US 19 from Blood Mountain to Cleveland, you’ll pass by this place. Originally built as a gas station and then expanded into a country store, it’s been a cafe for many years. Of its many owners across the decades, it’s founder Charles Turner is best known. He was a local legend who famously kept a soda-guzzling pet bear. Heavily guarded all-night poker games with local politicians are as much a part of its history as are Friday-night dances for local teenagers back in the 50s. With such diversity, it’s a wonderful survivor. After going into foreclosure in 2009, the building sat empty for two years; Steve Amoruso bought it and stabilized it while retaining its integrity.

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One response to “Turner’s Corner Cafe, 1928, Lumpkin County

  1. Ben dooley

    You are bringing back the memories Brian. When I was a kid growing up in Gainesville in the 50’s at least once every couple of months we took a Sunday family drive through the mountains which always included a stop at Turner’s Corner to see the black bear in a cage that sat directly to the right of the ICE sign in your photo.

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