Danielsville Hardware

This place is a landmark, and a living landmark at that. The whole time I was walking around the courthouse square, cars were pulling in and out of here constantly. They had a great selection of flowers and garden plants right out front and it seemed to be the place to be in Danielsville. The first floor is a traditional hardware store while the second floor is filled with antiques.


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5 responses to “Danielsville Hardware

  1. I remember when the building housed Johnson’s Grocery… and before that, Hart’s Grocery… and if I remember correctly, before that it was Greene’s Grocery. Not sure about that third one

    I do remember the Masonry symbol appeared on the front of the building, in the diamond near the roof. They might have held meetings up there. Pop would never say.

    One last memory – after the location did become D’ville Hardware, for what seemed like years, a big rusty round trampoline leaned along the side of the building facing the road. At one time, it was probably a perfectly good for-sale trampoline, but it seemed to remain there forever (long after I left the area in 1990).

  2. Margie Richards

    Sandy, the Masons did have their meetings there for many years.

  3. Joe Griffeth

    Upstairs was the Masonic Lodge many years ago.
    Tom had the first hardware store I think. I can’t remember his last name.

  4. WJ Smith

    When Gene Greene had it, it was the bust stop. If the red flag was out, that meant there was a passenger waiting and the bus would stop. Many a Madison boy made that trip to the induction center in Atlanta back in the mid-late 60s. Some never returned. Long, long ride filled with dread.

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