Vanna, Georgia

Vanna GA Hart County Railroad Crossing Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing North Georgia USA 2015

Most people bypass Vanna as they’re traveling on Georgia Highway 17, but the remains of the old town are centered around the railroad tracks just east of the highway. It appears to have been a busy place in the early 20th century.


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4 responses to “Vanna, Georgia

  1. Alan L McCrary

    Just as downtown Canon and bowersville bout bit the dust now days they were all booming years ago and it is sad but they call it progress!

  2. Matthew Thornton

    My grandfather, Lonnie Denney, owned the general store, gas station, post office and cotton gin in Vanna. His father, David Denney, was the first mayor of Vanna.

  3. Donna Rogers

    Love my years living between Vanna and Royston but was considered a Vanna teenager. Traveled those back roads of Vanna many times both on my bicycle and my dad’s ole fishing car. Lifetime friendship s made there. I knew the Dennys and Vanna store well. Great memories!! ☺ I

  4. Lynn Hall

    As a child we lived in the house pictured with the railroad track in the 1950’s. At the time the house was a beautiful large white farm house with a wrap around front porch. I walked many times to Mr. Denny’s store (the abandoned store picture) and to the post office which was next door to the store. The tin building next door to where we lived was always a mystery to me. At the time it was used as a warehouse for the Prather Family Farms. In the 1950’s Vanna was an active community with the school as the center of the community activities. It was a wonderful place to live.

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