Rexall Drug Store, Bowman

Bowman GA Elbert County Downtown Rexall Drugs SIgn Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing North Georgia USA 2015

The Rexall sign on the Bowman Drug store catches my eye every time I pass by it. I only wish the weather had been better this time. The skies were threatening the whole time, but I still enjoyed walking around this friendly little town, with its antique dealers and quaint old storefronts. Bowman was incorporated in 1907 but its origins date to the late 1870s, when a road connecting Elberton and Toccoa was cut through the area. Subsequently, a depot was located here and named for Colonel Thomas J. Bowman, who had surveyed the land.

Update: I don’t know they took it down, but as of 2019, the old Rexall sign is gone.


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5 responses to “Rexall Drug Store, Bowman

  1. Susan Mcdaniel

    Thank you for posting this historical and sweet little town

  2. Janelle Massey Lucas

    Wow…I spent my first 19 years there and never knew the origin for the name Bowman!!

  3. Hannah deSoto

    Brian, your work/artistry is so incredibly fine. They provide me with joy in my dull life.

  4. Jill Kirkland

    Brian – I can’t believe you didn’t do a 180 where you were standing a get a picture of the Bowman Police Department. Very unique!

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