Smithboro School, Jasper County

Abandoned School House Putnam County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing North Georgia USA 2015

This is likely a WPA school. I had misidentified it as being in Putnam County, but thanks to Connie Taylor Cason and Suzanne Smith Forte, I was able to correctly identify it. Suzanne notes that it was probably closed sometime in the 1930s.


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7 responses to “Smithboro School, Jasper County

  1. Diane Thompson Dixon

    Is this “Phoenix”? Went to school at Phienix for one year during middle 50s. Cannot remember how it looked.

  2. Joshua Ringer

    where is this?

  3. Past Meriwether heading toward Eatonton. Can’t remember the name of the back road.

  4. Joshua Ringer

    Very neat. I have lived in Eatonton most of my life and have never seen this building. Im very interested in old schools and buildings of this type. If you have any more information I’d love to hear it. I’m still not sure where exactly this is.

  5. Jimmy Emerson

    GA 212 and Smithboro Road near the Piedmont VFD.

  6. Jimmy Emerson

    The Piedmont School. Constructed in the 30s by WPA as part of the “Piedmont Homestead Project”.

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