Reese Hall, Circa 1820, Monticello

Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing North Georgia USA 2015

One of Monticello’s oldest documented homes, Reese Hall is presently being stabilized to ensure its future survival. It was built by David Addison Reese, who moved to Monticello from Mecklenberg County, North Carolina, and married Mary Gaines Merriweather. He was the son of Revolutionary soldier and the grandson of a signer of the now-debunked Mecklenberg Declaration of Independence. Besides serving for a number of years as Jasper County’s state senator, and 25 years as a Trustee of the University of Georgia, he was also appointed a Commissioner of Cherokee relations by President Andrew Jackson in 1831. Politically a Whig, he succeeded Alexander H. Stephens in Congress in 1853. He left Georgia for Russell County, Alabama, during the Civil War and died there at the age of 78.

Monticello Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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