Mitchell, Georgia

Mitchell GA Glascock Historic Downtown Kelley Mercantile Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing North Georgia USA 2014

These nicely maintained buildings on Mitchell’s Main Street are like a trip back in time. The Coca-Cola sign hangs above the old Kelley Mercantile.


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4 responses to “Mitchell, Georgia

  1. Matt johnson

    My grandfather was born in Mitchell in 1921. His last name is Johnson. He passed away about 2 yrs ago or so but a few years before that, we went back there and he told me all about Mitchell and many stories from his childhood. We ate lunch at the little white building next to the mercantile in this picture.

    • Shelby Borton

      Hi Matt,

      Would you happen to remember anything your grandfather shared about the row of stores pictured? Anything specifically about the 2 stores to the left of the restaurant you ate at?

      Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Michelle

    Daisy’s Diner

  3. Michelle

    Daisy’s Diner has reopened; I believe in July 2016. It’s the only place of business in the downtown that is open.

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