Bonner’s Cafe, Crawfordville

Bonner's Cafe Annie Lou Bonner Crawfordville GA Taliaferro County Coca Cola Sign Movie Set Sweet Home Alabama Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing North Georgia USA 2014

This location has been featured in several Hollywood movies, including Sweet Home Alabama. It was about the only place to get a good home-cooked meal in Crawfordville for nearly sixty years, and Mrs. Annie Lou Bonner was a well-loved local fixture throughout her long life.

Crawfordville Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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2 responses to “Bonner’s Cafe, Crawfordville

  1. If anyone gets a chance to watch the movie 2009 Get Low, with Robert Duval and Bill Murray, you can see Crawfordville as featured as the local town in the 30’s; it’s a great movie, based on a true story, and the cabin Duval’s character lived in is right up the road at Pickett’s Mill Battlefield State Park, in Dallas, Georgia.


  2. My family and I stopped at Ms. Bonner’s Cafe while touring through Georgia. Ms. Bonner was still living and came over to speak to us as we sat down to eat lunch. I told Her my family were Confederate Soldiers and we were visiting some historic sights. At that point she shuffled off and came back carrying a scrapbook with portraits of her own Confederate Ancestors. We enjoyed our lunch and her hospitality.

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